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Bowling Stars 1.0

A fun and entertaining game simulating actual bowling
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Bowling is one of the most popular indoor sports, specially in urban areas. This little and free game lets you hone your bowling skills in an entertaining form. When you push the "Start" button, a dial appears letting you adjust the desired curve of the ball. Once you do this, another dial appears to let you choose the power of your shot. Then, when you finish, the program automatically shoots the ball according to the parameters you choose. But don't get it wrong: it is not as easy as it sounds. The ball moves very fast in both the curve and power dials so it is not easy to choose the desired parameter. Thus, the results are not always as expected.
The game has nice sound effects that convey the feeling of being in a real bowling alley. Also, the animations are well crafted. For example, when you fail a shot, an animation appears showing your character being booed by the public. Although it is a good game, it may get boring after some time.
The game is in Flash format and opens in a new window of your Web browser. You need the most recent Flash version to play it correctly.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Fun


  • Not very easy to play
  • Gets boring after a while
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